Above The Fray

Welcome to Above the Fray

Welcome to “Above the Fray” which is a new, more or less monthly, blog from Stacey Muirhead.

In the online version of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, you will find the following definition of Fray: a usually disorderly or protracted fight, struggle or dispute. Given the volatility and disorder to be found hour-by-hour, if not minute-by-minute, in capital markets both at home and abroad, we think our blog is aptly named. We hope to take a step away from this “disorderly struggle” and the daily fray of market noise to discuss a number of topics with you in a relaxed and hopefully engaging way.

We plan to discuss the key skills that are required for long-term investment success. Of course, we will also comment on what we are doing with the capital you have entrusted to our care. When we have to discuss what we own and why we own it in a cogent way with limited space, it forces us to be on top of our game which is a positive collective outcome for all of us.

We will attempt to tackle some of the investment issues of the day but in a way that will marshal facts not opinions. We hope to share with you what we have been reading and how we spend our time. We may even engage in the occasional rant or share a humorous story with you.

Our goal for “Above the Fray” is to connect with you more frequently in a way that both stimulates your thinking and gives you confidence about our role in protecting and growing your capital. Our “Above the Fray” blog will be interactive by giving you a place to express your views and observations about anything we have blogged about and to share your ideas for topics you would like to see us discuss in future blogs. We encourage you to share anything from our blog with any of your friends and acquaintances who you believe might benefit from our discussion of the topic at hand or from being exposed to Stacey Muirhead.

We are excited about this new blog and genuinely hope that it will become an important part of our relationship with you over and above our regular quarterly reports. As always, thank you for your confidence and support in Stacey Muirhead. It means a great deal to us.


“Above the Fray” is a regular blog written by Jeffrey Stacey, Chairman and CEO of Stacey Muirhead Capital Management Ltd., which discusses items of interest related to investing, finance and business. This is not a solicitation.

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